Memorials and Monuments for Patriots:

Patriot Memorials:

Historian, Herman "Charlie" Brown

At its annual meeting held in St. Albans, Vermont on November 11, 1903, the Vermont Society of Sons of the American Revolution (VTSSAR) adopted a resolution authorizing an attempt to ascertain, as nearly as might be possible, the number of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Vermont. This project was coordinated by the Society's Secretary Walter H. Crockett.

Compatriot Crocket requested information on the burials through the Vermont newspapers. From the responses and securing other names from Vermont gazetteers and histories, 4,608 names were compiled. The results of this work was presented by a paper read before the Vermont Historical Society in the Hall of the State House of Representatives, Montpelier, Vermont on October 27, 1904. Additionally, the results were published in the "Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society" 1903-1904 and 1905-1906. Caution should be taken when referring to these reports and their subsequent publication. The report states: "Entire accuracy cannot safely be claimed for a list gathered from such miscellaneous sources, with little opportunity for verification. Some names may be credited to the wrong town. The names of others who afterward removed from the State may appear in the list."

In the year 2009, responding to a suggestion by the Society's 2nd Vice-President Herman C. Brown to its Board of Managers, the VTSSAR kicked off a project to enhance upon the works of Compatriot Crocket by re-identifying the Revolutionary War Patriots who are buried in Vermont and to perpetually memorized as many of them as possible by creating and/or maintaining accurate genealogical, historic Military Service and referenced biographical memorials on the Website

For a by-name alphabetical listing of Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Vermont, Memorials which was created and/or maintained by the VTSSAR, click here. For a state listing of the Revolutionary War Patriots buried in Vermont, memorials are maintained by the VTSSAR, and listed by County and by Town/City, click here. Identifying all the Revolutionary War Patriots buried in Vermont is a long term on-going work in progress - check our progress by revisiting these sites frequently.

Monuments: (Markers and Tablets):

Markers and Tablets Committee Members: Kenneth S. Bailey (Chair), Randy L. Roberts, Edward W. Steele

In keeping with one of the objects of the Society of Sons of the American Revolution, to mark the scenes of the Revolution by appropriate memorials, the Vermont Society has over the years erected a number of monuments and tablets to memorialize, set in stone to be long remembered, the courageous spirit and fighting qualities of the Vermont Revolutionary War Patriot, the diplomatic sagacity of their leaders and the sites associated with the Revolutionary War History of Vermont (The New Hampshire Grants and the Independent Republic of Vermont 1777-1791).

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Addison County

The Benedict Arnold Memorial, Panton, VT   View

The Mount Independence Memorial, Orwell, VT   View

Bennington County

The Ethan Allen Memorial, Arlington, VT  View

The Thomas Chittenden Memorial, Arlington, VT  View

The Colonel Friedrich Baum Memorial, Shaftsbury, VT  View

Caledonia County

The Hazen Military Rd., Peacham Stockade,
The Jonathan Elkins House & Tavern Memorial, located in Peacham, VT  View

Chittenden County

The Ethan Allen Tower, Burlington, VT  View-1  View-2

The Elmwood Avenue Cemetery Memorial, Burlington, VT  View

The Moses Pierson Memorial, Shelburne, VT  View

The Thomas Chittenden Plaque, Williston, VT  View

The Fort Frederick Memorial, Winooski, VT  View

Grand Isle County

The Loyal Block House Plaque, Block House Point, North Hero, VT  View

The Valcour Island Battle Memorial, North Hero, VT  View

Orange County

The Captain John House Memorial, East Randolph, VT  View

Rutland County

The Pawlet Encampment Memorial, Pawlet, VT  View

Windsor County

The Fort Defiance Memorial, Barnard, VT  View

The Phineas Parkhurst Memorial, Hartford, VT  View

Quebec, Canada

The Captain Remember Barker Memorial, Noyan, Province of Quebec, Canada  View


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